Hi! My name is Samantha, but most people call me Sammie! I was born and raised in Portland, OR. I did recreational gymnastics as a kid, then in middle school, I switched over to playing lacrosse. During high school, I was on the varsity lacrosse team for three years, and for the fourth year, I co-coached a youth team because I had to stop playing after an injury. I love working with kids, so I started coaching gymnastics at the same gym I used to take classes at, Oregon Gymnastics Academy when I was 17. I coached for two years, quickly progressed into teaching all levels from preschool to advanced, and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (I started college when I was only 16!). My biggest goals while coaching and building trust with kiddos are to create outlets for them to build their self-confidence, and for them to find passion in what they’re putting energy into. I can’t wait to continue doing what I love, and to spread that energy everywhere I go!