What is acro anyway?

Acrodance, or acro as it's commonly referred, marries the strength and flexibility of tumbling and the beautiful fluidity of classic dance technique. It has quickly become a major standard of competition dance and offers students a perfect balance of artistic tumbling and dance in all forms. When you see a student fly on stage with an aerial? That's acro. Two performers cartwheel over one another or create a tableau of balancing with one another? That's acro.

GroovinKids' acro lessons provide a safe space for exploring contortion, hand and arm balances, flexibility, and limbering. From a basic cartwheel to a chest roll and beyond, our acro classes will set our students up for success in an exciting and supportive environment.

These classes include a high energy warm up, skill assessment and challenges, tumbling work with emphasis on flexibility and strength training, and preparation for advanced skills.