Parks and Rec(reational dancing!)

This week, we started advertising our classes in the park program at 3 beautiful Los Angeles parks: Coldwater Canyon Park, Hazeltine Park in Sherman Oaks, and Holmby Park in Holmby Hills. We had a lot of interest from and a lot of FUN with the park guests who ventured over to try out a demo version of our classes. Even the intense heat didn’t stop us from having a great time!

When we do a demo, we provide a short version of our classes in order to show parents how much fun our classes are, while not taking up a lot of their time. This also leaves extra time afterward to speak to parents directly, answer questions, and even take pre-payments for park sessions. It’s a win-win!

The park classes offer our parents the chance to be in a welcoming and relaxing environment while allowing their children the opportunity to learn in an open and natural surrounding. They get outside, they get to learn, and they get to do it all in a beautiful setting close to home. Did I mention it’s a win-win??

It’s My Party and I’ll Dance If I want To!

children and clown at birthday party


Planning a birthday party is stressful! Finding the table clothes and napkins to match your child’s theme; sending the invitations; buying enough goodies for goodie bags; making sure the cake is gluten free/dairy free/vegan/made from magical fairy chocolate. Phew! This all adds up to a lot of time and frenzy, but the good news is that booking your entertainment doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it’s fun and exciting!

When I book a party, all the work falls on me. I double check the headcount a few days prior, and always prepare for extra children to pop up on the day of the show. I bring everything I need to make your child’s day extra special. Our activities are focused around your child so that he or she gets to feel like the star of the day while having a blast with his or her friends.

Above and Beyond

I pride myself on always giving 150% at birthday parties. This is a single moment that you and your child will not get to relive so it is up to me to make it the best it can be. I don’t charge for set up or clean up time, I always prepare more than enough activities so that the party can keep rocking without any hiccups, and I try my best to remember the children’s names so that each of them gets a personal bit of attention from me.

The most important part of my party package? My SMILE! The energy I bring to my parties is exceptional (I’ve been compared to the Tasmanian devil). I love what I do, and my smile is always along for the ride.

If a dance or gymnastics party is something you’re child would love, give me a call and let’s book a date!

Learning Through Fun

I have been working with kids since 2010, and in that time I’ve trained a great deal with industry professionals. The one piece of advice that was common between all my mentors was this: Kids learn best when they are having fun.

That small sentiment has changed the way I teach my classes. Whether a child is 3 or 13, I have found that allowing her to act creatively and engaging her curiosity has a profound impact on how she retains information learned in class. Teaching tendue (which means to stretch and point your foot in ballet) is a simple task, but tendue isn’t a very exciting step. By using the “Hot Pond, Cold Pond” game, students learn tendue by being silly and engaging a sense of play. When asked later to repeat the step, they remember it because they have a fun memory of learning it.

One way I inspire that creative learning process is by utilizing props. In gymnastics, it’s easy to use props because they create physical obstacles that students need to either get over, around, or under, which builds strength, balance, and skills. In dance, it can require a little extra creativity, but it is worth it in the end. For ballet, I use felt holiday cutouts from the store as obstacles for jetes (leaps), flowers to practice step touches, scarves to practice por de bras, and crowns and wands to practice tiptoeing like a princess.

My students are some of the happiest and knowledgeable around (and I am in no way biased) (I am totally biased). Just kidding, but my students do love to come to class, and they are excited to learn each week, which is the biggest win I can ever have as an instructor. I can attribute most of that joy to the fun that I bring to my classes (the rest of it comes from the joy of dance and movement itself)!

Why Hire Me

I get it. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking a dance class for your kid. There is a studio down the street from your house, another a mile away, and about 10 more within a 5-mile radius. Options are on your side. And they are great options! You can get quality training at any of those places. BUT, what you can’t get is completely individualized attention, a personalized lesson plan, and the knowledge of an expert solely dedicated to your child. These are invaluable elements.

That is exactly what I offer. An invaluable one-on-one experience that is tailor-made to your child’s needs. BOOM!

Within the time frame a private lesson, your child will receive a great amount of training without the distraction of 11 other kids, or the faces of strangers in the windows, or even the noisiness that embodies every dance studio. Less kids means more attention to your child, which means better and faster progression, which translates to a stronger and more capable person.

Did I mention I am specially trained to teach young children in a ridiculously fun and engaging way that keeps kids laughing and learning? I spent the last 6 years mentoring under one of the greatest preschool/elementary aged dance and gymnastics instructors you can find – Miss Niki Watrin of DanceKidz. Niki taught me that patience and silliness go a long way (the whole way, really) when teaching kids. I continually get praised by parents for my patience and kindness toward my students and I can only attribute that to my training with Niki.

Anyway, let’s recap, shall we? I can pirouette, jete, and plie like a prima ballerina, break it down like a b-boy, and cartwheel to my heart’s content like an Olympian. Using creative activities and games that enhance basic skill sets like balance and coordination, my students learn to overcome fear and self-consciousness and instead grow confident and brave. All within the confines of your home. Now, what else could you want?!