About Miss Katy

Hi! I’m Miss Katy. I have been dancing since I was little (if you include dress-up shows for my parents). I began formal training in hip hop, jazz, and ballet while in college and have trained and taught students ages 0-18 since 2010 – yes, even infants! I have performed in numerous productions around Los Angeles including TV shows and live stage productions, but there is nothing quite like the unexpected adventure that is teaching children. Although I was athletic throughout middle and high school (soccer, basketball, captain of my Varsity cheer squad!), it wasn’t until I was an adult that I found my love of gymnastics.

My favorite demographic is children under 10. Working as a dance instructor in preschools has helped me develop a strong sense of wonder and silliness that is necessary to get children to learn. My teaching philosophy is simple: if kids are engaged, they will learn. So I am constantly changing my teaching style to fit whatever educational needs my students have. Like I said, it’s always an adventure!