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We teach patience, hard work, and responsibility through our excellent curriculum, which provides each student with skills that will last a lifetime. You can rely on us to provide a fun, family-friendly environment that encourages your athlete to develop trust, and achieve their full potential. Thank you for entrusting us to work with and coach your athlete(s)!

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Students’ Testimonials

We asked our GK fam…

My favorite part of my in-home lesson is when my coach uses the last five minutes of class to play a game with me. I’ve had two different GroovinKids coaches, and they both made up new games to play every time!

Emily P.

I officially had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER because of Miss Katy! I really hope GroovinKids comes to my birthday again next year.

Ethan L.

I love when my GroovinKids coach shows me skills. She can do a back handspring, an aerial, and so much more. Soon I will have those skills, too!

Kiya D.

I really like when my coach tells me I’m doing a good job.

Maria D.