Why Hire Me

I get it. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking a dance class for your kid. There is a studio down the street from your house, another a mile away, and about 10 more within a 5-mile radius. Options are on your side. And they are great options! You can get quality training at any of those places. BUT, what you can’t get is completely individualized attention, a personalized lesson plan, and the knowledge of an expert solely dedicated to your child. These are invaluable elements.

That is exactly what I offer. An invaluable one-on-one experience that is tailor-made to your child’s needs. BOOM!

Within the time frame a private lesson, your child will receive a great amount of training without the distraction of 11 other kids, or the faces of strangers in the windows, or even the noisiness that embodies every dance studio. Less kids means more attention to your child, which means better and faster progression, which translates to a stronger and more capable person.

Did I mention I am specially trained to teach young children in a ridiculously fun and engaging way that keeps kids laughing and learning? I spent the last 6 years mentoring under one of the greatest preschool/elementary aged dance and gymnastics instructors you can find – Miss Niki Watrin of DanceKidz. Niki taught me that patience and silliness go a long way (the whole way, really) when teaching kids. I continually get praised by parents for my patience and kindness toward my students and I can only attribute that to my training with Niki.

Anyway, let’s recap, shall we? I can pirouette, jete, and plie like a prima ballerina, break it down like a b-boy, and cartwheel to my heart’s content like an Olympian. Using creative activities and games that enhance basic skill sets like balance and coordination, my students learn to overcome fear and self-consciousness and instead grow confident and brave. All within the confines of your home. Now, what else could you want?!