Parks and Rec(reational dancing!)

This week, we started advertising our classes in the park program at 3 beautiful Los Angeles parks: Coldwater Canyon Park, Hazeltine Park in Sherman Oaks, and Holmby Park in Holmby Hills. We had a lot of interest from and a lot of FUN with the park guests who ventured over to try out a demo version of our classes. Even the intense heat didn’t stop us from having a great time!

When we do a demo, we provide a short version of our classes in order to show parents how much fun our classes are, while not taking up a lot of their time. This also leaves extra time afterward to speak to parents directly, answer questions, and even take pre-payments for park sessions. It’s a win-win!

The park classes offer our parents the chance to be in a welcoming and relaxing environment while allowing their children the opportunity to learn in an open and natural surrounding. They get outside, they get to learn, and they get to do it all in a beautiful setting close to home. Did I mention it’s a win-win??